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30 September 2011 @ 02:27 am
Worldbuilding challenge  
The latest from Terrible Minds: this week, instead of a Flash Fiction Challenge, they have a Worldbuilding challenge: the idea being to collectively create a world in which stories can be set. Anyone is invited to contribute a bit of information (100 words or less) about a fictional world called Blackbloom, with the only details provided being the name and that both humans and non-humans dwell there. Chuck will pick anywhere from 10-20 of the responses and make them part of the definition of world, and then it will be fleshed out further with additional challenges to come.

Here's what I contributed:
The surface of Blackbloom is almost entirely water, with only a few scattered outcroppings of land. The isolated island ecosystems are fragile, and can’t sustain much life; the settlements are all on the ocean, vast floating cities constructed of precious, hoarded wood and plastic from offworld. Nothing that floats is wasted here. The seas provide ample food – fish, edible seaweed and more – but also many hazards. Worst among them are the vast, night-dark algae blooms that give the world its name. No one knows exactly what happens to those caught in one, because no one has ever survived.
CinfullyWicked: Oral cookiescjchatwin on October 4th, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
This is quite cool! Here was my submission:

Aethos is one of the great cities of Blackbloom. It is collloquially known as the “Sky-City” due to the various tiers and platforms containing the city proper rising from the ground to well above the cloud line. How high one lives in the city is a denotation of rank and class with the working classes living in the shadow of the city down on the ground. Even still living on the ground of Aethos holds a kind of glamour for the working classes. Aethos is the premiere manufacturing ground for ethereal technology and even the poorest in the city usually have one or two wonders that those living farther afield would die for. Water in the city is delivered via a ‘trickle-down’ aqueduct resulting in four rather spectacular waterfalls that also power the city’s hydroelectric plants. Because of this those approaching the city by airship are treated to the iconic view of the city wreathed in rainbows. Far from the ears of the ruling elite in the city there are whispers of a shadow court beneath the earth. If one finds access to “The Shade” one discovers the literal underworld of Aethos where the weak, infirm and amoral all share the shadows in a twisted mockery of the bright city. Thieves, assassins, and a thriving black market trading in stolen ethereal technology are all found in The Shade, as well as alchemists, sorcerers and other Will-Workers of great skill and little scruple.