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05 January 2011 @ 09:22 pm
Coffee Shop Author  
Here's an interesting writing contest I just came across: Coffee Shop Author!

The idea is to write some something substantial (novel, short story collection, poetry collection. etc.), in the span of 6-12 weeks (depending on when you register)  - in your local coffee shop, pub, library, or other public place. You're supposed to get the venue's approval, and they (the coffee shop or other venue) get some promotion out of it too - a window sticker that says they're supporting the contest, a mention on the web site, etc. You don't have to write the whole entire thing in the coffee shop, but the idea of it is partly to raise the public visibility of writing, so they prefer that you at least write a fair bit of it there. And you don't have to completely finish it by the deadline - works are judged on their potential, and are not expected to be 100% final versions.

First and second prize are both free admission to a writer's conference in BC (with part of the idea being that that will help you finish the manuscript and turn it into publishable form), and the first prize version includes airfare and accommodation. (Of course, part of the point of the contest seems to be to promote the conference, but they're pretty up-front about that.)

I'm kinda tempted... I have a novel idea that's been scratching at the inside of my head trying to get out for some while now, and I was thinking of doing NaNoWriMo this past fall for that reason, but ended up missing it due to being swamped with work. So maybe... Deadline for registration is Feb 15, and works are submitted March 31.
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