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17 November 2009 @ 08:27 pm
Spam-based story seeds, installment 1  
OK, so since there appears to have been some interest, here is the first installment of spam-derived story seeds, chosen by me and the_moogie:
  1. A dirty room. A part-time job.
  2. even though I tried to be good
  3. I can't abide deceitful little girls
  4. Work, family, pub, sleep... Then count to ten
  5. I will tell them how cruel you were to me
  6. The sound of winged words
  7. I had always loved this plate
  8. On the fifteenth, when young Rostov, in his dressing gown, looked out of the window, he saw it was an unsurpassable morning for hunting.
  9. I love Revelations
  10. and realized that it was me who was screaming
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take one or more of these prompts and write a short story based on it. How long, what genre (if any), etc. are all up to you, as is how exactly you incorporate it into the story - you can use the line directly, or you can just let it inspire ideas.

If you want to use more than one of them, either by writing separate stories for each, or combining them into one story, feel free.

If you would like to add to the challenge by having to use one that is not of your choosing (which can sometimes be interesting because it can push you into stepping outside your usual comfort zone), you can do one of the following:
  1. Roll a ten-sided die (we have enough gaming geeks in this community that I suspect most of us have a few kicking around) and use whichever prompt the number indicates. If you don't have any ten-sided dice, you can use this online dice roller (enter "1d10").
  2. For even more challenge, roll a ten-sided die (or six or four if you want to keep things a little more sane) and take that as the number of prompts to use, and then roll once to determine each one - i.e. if you rolled a four initially, you would roll four more times (or enter 4d10 on the online dice roller) and either write a story for each dice result, or one story combining all four of them.
  3. Alternatively, e-mail me or leave me a comment here, and I will send you a prompt of your very own, from the 40-something of them I have stored up apart from the above list. Let me know if you would like a completely random one, or me to pick one I think would be interesting to make you write about. :-)

Post your finished story or stories here! Not as comments to this post, because LJ's comment-length limits are too short for any but very short flash fiction, but as new posts to the community. Of course, you can cross-post them to your own journal or other communities if you want. We are not territorial here. :-)

Have fun!
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